Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Recovery and Beyond........

So it seems Sherren has strained her Medial Collateral Ligament in her left knee. In part to having weak quadriceps and no doubt in part to the tough terrain experienced along the way. Remedy is rest and anti-inflammatories, plus quad strengthening exercises. Recovery is estimated between 1 to 8 weeks. Hopefully it's sooner rather than later but we won't continue till she is 100%. And to be fair, I have also had some discomfort in my ankles at the Superior Extensor Retinaculum ligaments. I blame this on the metal road walking (being my least favourite and hardest on my body), so I am too enjoying the rest.

We just spent the weekend down in Turangi/Taupo and crossed paths with the trail in a few places on the way. Already longing to get back on it we felt it necessary to stop at National Park pub for a beer and can confirm we'll be stopping again as we pass through on foot in the weeks to come. The Speights triple hop being my favourite.
It's beautiful country down there and so open and different than the under canopy bush walking experienced thus far.

Back north again and so as to not miss out too much, we spent the day walking Auckland and taking in the sites from Devonport to One Tree Hill without packs (certainly easier). I grew up here, so although nothing new for me it was certainly nice to revisit and some lovely views of Auckland for Sherren.

(N)one Tree Hill. 


Rangitoto from North Head. 

Sherren at North Head. 

The City of Sails. 

The Hunua Ranges

Cossey track has a slip, so I headed into the Hunua Ranges up Moumoukai Rd. There was a slip at Opua Rd too and the gate was locked. So walking round the corner saw the entry to the Wairoa loop track via the swing bridge track and entered there. Starting out with a pulse raising climb, in part due to the beers I've been consuming while Sherren recovers.
The camps up here are easy to find as you walk through one of them (the notes made it sound difficult due to the detail they provide). But unless you're through hiking there's no need to camp as you'll get through in a day.

About the last km before the Mangatawhiri track there were 16 possums decomposing in various places. Not sure if they had been shot and left or if they had been poisoned. There is a 1080 poison drop being voted through the council that will close the ranges for 3 months next summer but rangers may be hand dropping in the area.

Into the Mangatawhiri track there's a few signs of hunters (empty amo boxes left) and pigs (rooting) so take care and wear your hi-viz if you have one.  There was also signs of the lone Holy Cow that we followed through the Raetea and Morepork sections. Has anyone else seen these Holy Cow tracks or am I loosing it?

In keeping with the TA experience the Hunuas offered me a bit of rain, a few fallen trees and although not muddy, a little slippery in the wet. On a whole though, an easy section and I only swore twice compared to the relentless obscenity I exposed Sherren to in Raetea and Herekino.

Wairoa Dam

Brilliant facilities here for cleaning your boots. 

The North Islands Infamous Supple Jack (no chance of straying off trail here!)

At this point the trail detours from the GPS and map files. Just follow the markers and you eventually marry up again. 

Glad this bridge was here. The river was about chest deep this day. 

The next day I took Sherren to Hunua Falls and we did the 3 hour loop to Cossey’s dam and back. It’s pretty much a footpath on this section and easy going. Sherren’s knee was fine with a brace on, so looking good for that speedy recovery.

Edited myself out for not smiling. 

Part of the trail still closed due to slip. 

Hmmm. Even Christians Vandalise. The way, the truth and the........,,

Not quite trusting the knee yet. 

On the technology side. I picked up an iPhone charger in the city the other day and the battery power and stability seems to have been restored. Pretty happy with that and can only admit if you buy cheap crap to save a buck, you’ll just end up replacing it with the real deal in the end. Buy a product that can guarantee it’s efficacy and save yourself the headache.